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We sell youth ministry resources to youth pastors around the world. Our business has gained rapid traction because we are revolutionizing the industry with our business model.

We are taking resources/curriculum that have already been written and used (TESTED) in some of the most successful youth ministries in this country, and offering these resources to the end user at a low price. We can do this because we bypass traditional publishing methods and publish digital resources (LOW OVERHEAD).

The founders of the company are some of the leading voices in youth ministry and have been able to use their networks and personal brand reach to get the word out quickly and broadly (GREAT CREDIBILITY).

In addition to selling our personal resources, we have opened up the platform to any youth leader who has a resource they have created for their youth ministry, and given them a platform to sell that resource (after our quality approval) and earn a 50% of the revenue from the sales of that product. This allows product quality to continually rise and our customer engagement to soar.

Our business is new (well under a year old) and in the last few months we have seen our website statistics (among other statistics) rise exponentially.

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