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We exist to spread the word about FREE, quality, legal, electronic Christian resources that are available for download on the internet. Our aim is to aid Christians in their daily walk with Jesus and to lead nonbelievers to the Savior through the biblical truths conveyed in these resources. We pray that the Lord will use the resources we share in the lives of our readers to glorify Him by exalting Christ.

As just stated, our goal is to share QUALITY resources. We are aware of other websites out there that share free Christian resources. Unfortunately, far too often these sites do not employ a theological filter as they share free stuff, leaving their readers to sift through fluff to maybe find a deal worth reading.

What Sets Us Apart?
-Multiple Formats of eBooks (Kindle/mobi, iBooks, NOOK/ePub, PDF, etc.)
-Variety of Media (mp3s, Bible Software titles, discount codes, etc.)

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